Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hello, good evening and welcome to my world.

12 months have passed already since one day that marked a terrible event and a momentous one. These things tend to happen like this and the two events weren't entirely unconnected.

John Peel passed away in Peru and left the world without its leading musical light at the same time as my label, Freedom Road Records, issued it's first release. It's pretty certain that I'd never have done this if it wasn't for Peel's influence over my teenage years. He shaped my taste in music and made me believe I could do these things. I only wish he could have heard what he'd prompted me to do.

And to the present. Freedom Road Records prepares for it's fifth release, undertheigloo's 'Circlesend' album. And Peel? I bet he's entertaining them up in heaven with one of Napalm Death's 6 second classic "songs". God bless ya John.


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