Sunday, November 20, 2005

pick a card, any card, wrong!

Ok, so maybe this hasn't been the greatest start to a blog. Three posts and then two weeks gap doesn't bode well. But this will all change, fear not! Let us recap the last couple of weeks.

Sat 5th
A fairly quiet day, notable only for the foreign invasion by Matt and Nik, to pick up the Young Knives tickets I couldn't use and to trawl through my CD collection.

Sun 6th
Helen goes off for her second week of work experience at a school in Doncaster. This is all in preparation for taking the PGCE next year.

Thurs 10th
undertheigloo support Blackbud at the Zodiac. UTI turn in a great set, Springtime and Show Your Face being particularly immense. Also Circlesend, the title track from the album, manages to pull the punters back who went to the bar on realisation it was a slow song, a neat feat indeed. Cute slow dancing by the couple stage left. Tonight the band officially sign to Freedom Road Records.

Sat 12th
undertheigloo on the air as Bearder plays Show Your Face on his Download show on BBC Oxford. Then we're off to see the Cheesegraters at the Exeter Hall, a cracking set of covers despite being warned of a high funk and soul content. Tonight I also learn two things about Nik, he was in the Swedish Army and used to play sax. I don't think he was in the army band though...

Sun 13th
Another live appearance by a Freedom Road Records act. nervous_testpilot supports knifehandchop at The Wheatsheaf and Nailbomb Cults makes up the trio of laptop acts. It's a bass heavy night which sends Helen downstairs with a headache. Good to see Dan and Alastair there, Dan's thoughts can be read on his blog. Check the Munch link on the left somewhere. CDs on sale tonight but no takers.

Tues 15th/Weds 16th
Parents down to visit, which means an excuse to eat out and we do some Christmas/Wedding shopping too...

Sat 19th
Chaffeur nervous_testpilot to his gig in Banbury. Although this makes for a long night and we sell no CDs again, it's great fun as the promoters, soundmen and other acts are great guys. So I have to say, go to I Am Giant gigs at the Mills Art Centre Banbury and go see Harry Angel, Big Speakers and Joe Swarbick. With 2 of Harry Angel doing sound, it presented the oppurtunity to see the photos and talk to them about supporting the Quo and Girls Aloud at the Children in Need gig on Friday. If you know them, ask to see the photo of Chris and Nadine...

Today's header from Jacket Hangs by the Blue Aeroplanes


Blogger Naddy said...

Russ - i got the Blue Aeroplanes reference straight away - I love that track. Have got the 12" bought from Greyhound records for 50p!!

12:55 AM  

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