Thursday, January 26, 2006

short sharp shots

1 - Simon Davies has put out a wonderful album called 'A Day Full Of Sun', which is reminiscent of Robert Wyatt and Luke Smith. Review here

2 - Stephen Fry's Who Do You Think You Are? was compelling viewing last night. Such a sad story to his ancestry, one part of the family were paupers or contracted TB. The saddest thing was seeing the big fella welling up when he discovered how many of his distant family of Jews were murdered in concentration camps in the Second World War.

3 - On Stephen Fry related news, I've realised how much young Dan Mitchell is going to turn into Mr Fry. Which can only be a good thing as you know.

4 - Jim Noir - Tower Of Love. A collection of his EPs from last year. It bleeps, it gurgles and is chock full of fine off kilter pop songs.

5 - Arctic Monkeys. Props for pissing off the pretentious music fans on certain forums and being an extremly popular band that's actually good.

6 - The Rachael Neiman Experience on Bailrigg FM. For making Freedom Road Records label of the week for the duration of Tuesday's show. Lovely things said about my websites and plays for:
undertheigloo - Show Your Face
Compute - Dance With Me
Wallpaper Silhouettes - A Need To Know
nervous_testpilot - Darkstar

7 - Harlette 'Don't Call Me Creepy' EP, giving you nightmares soon!


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